South Canterbury Roll of Honour, 1916SCRoll (South Canterbury Roll of Honour) is seeking to achieve an ambitious vision of developing short biographies of all South Cantabrians who served their country during World War One.  These will be compiled here on a publicly accessible platform in order to support the one hundredth commemoration of World War One.

Local war memorials were used to develop an initial list of service men and women who died during the World War One period. However eligibility was extended to a very simple criteria – those who were born and raised in the South Canterbury region, worked or lived here prior to enlistment or had significant involvement with the region.

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Volunteers, including individuals with family connections, members of local genealogical groups, and representatives of local museums, are involved in developing these stories. In addition a number of individuals and other groups have provided significant support in the past, including The Mackenzie Genealogy Group (now defunct), the Timaru Herald, and the WW100 programme.

Organisations directly supporting the project include:

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Want to contribute a name or story?  You can contact us or submit a story online.  Of course you can also visit us too!

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