Insects & Spiders


Landing tile - Insects & SpidersKia ora teachers. We have made the resources on this site available to help you with online learning. Where possible we have used information and photos from the South Canterbury area. Please acknowledge the source where possible.

Feel free to use the links for your classes and to let other teachers know about these resources. The team at Heritage Education are also available to talk to your students via the meeting platform that your school uses - to book a meeting please just email us  to arrange a time and discuss your topic.


Watch these videos to learn about the parts of an insect and a spider. Have a go at making your own one using things from around your house.


  • Watch Meet the locals: Mahoenui all about giant weta.
  • Watch Meet the locals: Bug kids about a 6 year old who loves finding insects - why not get out in your garden and look for some insects yourself?
  • Listen to or read Stick Insects by Dawn McMillan - can you find a stick in your garden and make it look like a stick insect?
  • Listen to or read Wētā Went Walking by Kay Hancock - think about who would like to eat weta. What creatures eat the insects in your garden?
  • Check out this Science Learning Hub digital interactive to find out how new Monarch butterflies are made Make your own butterfly lifecycle out of lego or playdough or draw one on paper
  • Watch this DOC video presented by Ruud Kleinpaste to learn about 'Yucky Bugs'


Published May 2020