Social Sciences - Year 11+


From Shingle to Sand

Examine the changes that have been brought about by man's modification of the natural
environment. A case study could be the Timaru Harbour and the resultant change to the coastline.
F = Field trip can be arranged

Subdivision and Sale

How have townships developed to meet the needs of their inhabitants? Using maps and
historic pictures students can trace the development of townships and services such as bus routes parks and facilities.
F = Town walk

Resource use in Local Farming

How have our local soils, climate and other physical factors contributed to farming systems that are used locally? Investigate local industries and processing that makes use of the products of these farms.
F = Field trips can be arranged

Precious Liquid – Water

Early access to water: wells, bores, irrigation past and present, stock and town water supply, floods, hydroelectric and impact of urban development, farming and industry.


Historical research

Local Museums and historic sites, including local cemeteries, provide a rich source of information for students to plan and carry out historical inquiry.Themes could include 1918 Influenza epidemic, Hometown Heroes, Alpine adventurers, Farming dynasties of the high country.
F = Field trip can be arranged

Civilians at War

During Wars communities responded to the threat of invasion and coped with blackouts, rationing, emergency drills and gas masks. Students could view uniforms and other wartime material and experience life for a young person during these periods of our history.
F = Field trip to air raid shelters, tank traps &
gun emplacements


A significant event which had implications for the local community. Photographs diaries and letters as well as uniforms can inform student inquiry. These include images taken on Gallipoli by a local soldier Ernest Gibson.

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