Technology - Year 0-10

Nga Mahi Hangaru – Māori Technology

Hands-on session using a range of wood, stone and flax processing tools.

Conceptual ideas could include: Taonga, Systems and patterns.

Elbow Grease and Hard Work

Learn about everyday pre electric appliances from 19th C to mid 20th C by following an average day in the life of a housewife. Lighting, fetching water, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, mending, shopping, chopping wood, making butter, shearing sheep, and mending boots.

Conceptual ideas could include: Changes, Past times, Design

Dairy Times Past

Investigate early dairy technology and processes, make butter in an old-style churn. Consider options available to 19th and early 20th C households.

Conceptual ideas could include: Sustainability, Processes.

From Shanks Pony to Lighter Than Air

Horse drawn, bicycles, early powered vehicles, trains, planes, steam and sailing ships. Examine birds and wings, learn the properties of flight and discover how Richard Pearse beat the Wright brothers into the air.

Conceptual ideas could include: Systems, Enterprise, Impact on Society, Creativity

'Drop me a line, give me a ring'

Communication in the past: Investigate pens, slates, typewriters, writing, letters, postage stamps, post offices, telegraph and telephones.

Conceptual ideas could include: Changing times.

Use and Re-use

Observe examples of material use and re-use over time. How did people cope with rationing and shortages?

Design and Dreams

Choose to focus on one or two identities: Bill Hamilton, Bob Fitzsimmons, Richard Pearse, Colin Murdoch, Cecil Wood, Jack Lovelock, Margaret Cruickshank, Hiria Kokoro- Barrett.
How did these people contribute to our technological or environmental understanding.