The Arts - Year 0-13

Nga Tuhituhi o Nehera (The Writings of the Past) – Rock Art

View a range of rock-art sites not normally accessible in the South Canterbury area, including the Opihi Taniwha and Maungati Cave of the Eagle. Study rock art motifs in situ and consider the methods, meanings and motivations. Access to some of these category 1 sites on private land specially arranged in conjunction with the Historic Places Trust.

Mahi Toi – Maori Art

Local myths and legends, rock drawing, carving and weaving: a close up look at taonga on display and from storage. Study mounted bird specimens, skeletons and natural fibres.

Museum Marvels

Look at a range of weird and wonderful items from storage or displays for imagery, textures and design inspiration. e.g. textiles, butterflies, mounted specimens, costume, jewellery, appliances, weapons.

Drama-Riot, Murder and Mayhem

Choose a character, research their life and develop a dramatic interpretation e.g. Hiria Kokoro-Barrett 1870-1943, James Mackenzie – sheep rustler,1879 'Orange Riot', 1886 Cain poisoning and trial of Thomas Hall, 1888 Jonathon Roberts – prison escapee, 1921 Constable Dorgan – police murder. Captain Belfield Woollcombe, Timaru's own gaol and police force.

Devise a drama using a museum artifact or space (good for NCEA assessments)

Create a drama using old letters and ideas from any of the programmes e.g. Immigration – life on 'The Strathallan'