The Arts - Year 0-13

Mahi Toi – Maori Art

Local myths and legends, rock drawing, carving and weaving: a close up look at taonga on display and from storage. Study mounted bird specimens, skeletons and natural fibres.

Museum Marvels

Look at a range of weird and wonderful items from storage or displays for imagery, textures and design inspiration. e.g. textiles, butterflies, mounted specimens, costume, jewellery, appliances, weapons.

Drama-Riot, Murder and Mayhem

Choose a character, research their life and develop a dramatic interpretation e.g. Hiria Kokoro-Barrett 1870-1943, James Mackenzie – sheep rustler,1879 'Orange Riot', 1886 Cain poisoning and trial of Thomas Hall, 1888 Jonathon Roberts – prison escapee, 1921 Constable Dorgan – police murder. Captain Belfield Woollcombe, Timaru's own gaol and police force.

Devise a drama using a museum artifact or space (good for NCEA assessments)

Create a drama using old letters and ideas from any of the programmes e.g. Immigration – life on 'The Strathallan'