Explorers' Club - FAQ

Have questions about how the Explorers’ Club system works? Here are a few common questions we thought might crop up, but feel free to contact us if you want to find out something more!2015 Explorers badge

Can I leave my passport at the Museum? No.  The new passport and lanyard are where you can wear your badges!

What if I forget my passport? Well, you can’t claim badges without your passport, but we have stickers that you can take away to stick on your passport when you get home.  Bring your passport next time to claim your badges

What if I lose my lanyard? Unfortunately it will cost $3 to replace.  You will get a new lanyard and passport, but will have to restart your current card – so look after them.

My passport is full – what happens now? Well done – once your first (bronze) passport is full, you’ll get a special bronze Explorer’s badge.  Then you’ll get to start on a silver passport which will earn you a silver badge, followed by a gold passport which earns you a gold badge, and finally a SUPER Explorer card and badge.  Once you’ve got all three you start again.  Each badge will say what year you earnt it - can you get all three in only one year to have an amazing matching set?

My lanyard is full of badges! Wow, bring it in to show us and we’ll give you another lanyard (free).

Can I buy badges? Yes, extra badges will be on sale for $2 each.  BUT you can’t buy the bronze, silver, or gold badges (you have to earn those ones!) and some special badges will also not be for sale.

Aargh!! I’ve missed collecting a badge – what can I do? Special exhibit and event badges will only be available while those are running, but Explorers can swap badges between themselves and there will be ocassional chances to collect ‘extra’ badges (e.g. during holiday programmes).  At Explorers events staff will often also be wearing ‘extra’ badges which you can swap for (one badge for one badge).  It might take some time to find or collect the missing badge, but it just might be worth it to complete your collection!