Social Sciences - Year 0-10


Polynesian immigration, settlement and life in the Central South Island, significant local individuals and the meeting of two cultures.

Conceptual ideas could include: Communication through art, Sustainable food gathering lifestyles, Resources and their use.

European Settlement and Urban Development

Trace the history of your local township from its early European settlement. Immigrant voyages and arrival to a new environment. Consider the waves of immigrants coming to the central South Island and the impact they have had.

Conceptual ideas could include: Journeys, Change, Life in different times, Survival.

My Place

Look at old photographs then walkabout to find the same spots. Edwardian architecture, sculptures and historic plaques. Discover how the names of places came about and learn about some of the local people who shaped the identity of the town.

Conceptual ideas could include: Hometown Heroes, Our Place

Grandma and Grandpa's day

Appliances, clothing, entertainment and photos from the post war period that lead to the 'Baby Boom'. Compare and contrast with 21st C culture. Look at the reasons behind changes and the implications of these.

Conceptual ideas could include: Changing times, Sustainability


Whether it be because of mother nature or humans, disasters do happen! We need to understand the causes and consequences of different disasters so we can learn and be prepared for next time.

Conceptual ideas could include: Wild Earth, Sustainability, Communities, Shipwrecked.

Significant events

Events that have impacted on us and have helped form the communities we see today.
Investigate how people remember and record the past in different ways and events we continue to celebrate.

Conceptual ideas could include: ANZAC, 1918 Flu Epidemic, Civilians at War, Tragic times, Celebrations, Traditions.

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