Explorers we need you!

Explorers! Your Museum Needs You!Explorers - Your Museum Needs You! Can you help us out?

We want to fill our fish crates and nets with fish for our next exhibition Fishing the Bight

As the real thing might get a little smelly, we your need help making some paper fish!
Grab some fish templates from the Museum, print out the templates below, or even make your own!

Making the fish is easy - do five or six (or more) fish to really help us out!

  • Cut out two sides for your fish
  • Write your name and contact details inside one side of the fish
  • Staple the two sides together - but leave one edge open!
  • Stuff your fish with the paper off cuts
  • Staple your fish closed
  • DONE!

Bring in your fabulous fish and help us build our exhibit by filling our crates and nets.

Random fish will win spot prizes during the exhibition!

Download these fish templates:

NB: Some of these fish may be a bit small if printed on A4 paper at home - but remember you can visit the Museum to grab pre-printed fish templates printed at a larger A3 size.