Fees & charges


Fees $
SC Genealogy Society fee (applies to use of Society's resources by a non member) 2.00
Research by staff (per half hour) - first 15 minutes free 25.00

Digital Reprints

  • Prices given are for personal, private and non-commercial purposes. 
  • Commercial use of the museum's images will incur further charges. 
  • For television or commercial filming in the Museum the fee may be reduced or waived with agreement from Museum Director. 
  • Filming for advertisements will be charged double the normal fee. 
  • Delivery timeframes (indicative)
    • Standard: 5 - 10 working days, postal charges apply
    • Express: 2 - 3 working days, cost plus 50%
Fees $
Catalogue print (per print)
Laser prints (per print) - A5 / A4 8.00
Laser prints (per print) - A3 12.00
Digital Images (300dpi JPG on CD) 20.00
Commercial use of single image (per image) 50.00
Television or commercial filming in Museum 280.00

Photocopying / Scans / Printouts

Fee (per page/copy) $
Photocopying - A4 and A3 .50
Microfilm scans / digital images / colour copies - A4 1.00
Microfilm scans / digital images / colour copies - A3 1.50
Database printouts 1.00

Room Rental

  • Use of the digital theatre equipment will attract a further charge to the South Canterbury Museum Development Trust. 
  • Rental fees may be reduced for organisations linked to the South Canterbury Museum at the Museum Director's discretion.
  • SC Historical Society and Friends of the Museum please check with the Museum for fees relating to photocopying, scans, catalogue prints etc.
Fees $
Open hours (per hour) 20.00
After hours (per hour) 25.00
After hours staff charge (per hour) 20.00